• CAROMA BATHROOMS Sydney, Australia | 2008 - 2009

    Over the past 15 years Ian Moore Architects has been an occasional consultant to Caroma Dorf providing feedback on new products. For a major project the office was working on in 2008, a brief was provided to Caroma Dorf to develop a range of locally designed bathroom fixtures and fittings, including modifications to existing products.When ready to launch to the market, IMA was approached to design a signature bathroom to display the products.This one bathroom soon grew to five, Caroma Luxury Bathroom, Fowler Prestige Bathroom, Caroma Apartment Bathroom, Caroma Commercial Bathroom and Caroma Care Bathroom. Collectively these are referred to as the ‘Ian Moore Designer Bathroom Series’.

    The five bathrooms were constructed as a temporary installation in a factory unit in Sydney and existed for only 2 weeks, during which time they were used for a major launch function to the design press, staff training and were photographed for marketing purposes. At the end of this period they were dismantled, with 80% of all materials being recycled.

    Each bathroom was given a distinctive identity by way of the colour of the ‘Zenolite’ wall panelling, with the two largest bathrooms having external courtyards annexed to them.The design continues the 25 year development and refinement of Ian Moore’s bathroom system, used in all of his residential projects to date.Wet areas are defined by full width grated drains, first developed by IMA in 1995.All vanity units and basins are wall hung to allow the visual reading of the full extent of the space, while frameless glass walls provide spatial extension into the external courtyards. Large scale panels are employed on both walls and floors, in a modular arrangement that repeats in all of the bathrooms. Particular attention was given to the Care Bathroom, to provide the same level of detail and amenity as a standard bathroom, with a sense of luxury provided by the scale of the space, size of the shower and the full width Corian bench seating.

    Photographer: Michal Kanewski

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