• DINOSAUR DESIGNS STUDIO Redfern, Sydney | 1998

    Located in the Sydney suburb of Redfern, the headquarters of the jewellery and homewares company Dinosaur Designs occupies the top floor of a 4 level early 20th century warehouse. Production workshops are located on the level below and in the basement while the Sarah Cottier Gallery occupies the remaining 2 levels. The top floor studio houses the reception area, offices for the 3 partners, packaging and distribution area and a gallery space to display products to commercial buyers and stylists. The gallery space links the reception area to packaging and distribution, allowing views through the space to large windows at either end while the offices utilize the existing windows running the full length of the building.

    Executed on a very modest budget the materials have been limited to linoleum flooring, plasterboard walls and ribbed twin walled polycarbonate sheeting for the sliding doors to the offices.The original ‘Wunderlich” pressed metal ceilings have been retained with simple fluorescent batten lighting maintaining the original warehouse character.

    Photographer: Ross Honeysett

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