• 2 KINGS LANE Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia | 2001 - 2003

    8 apartments have been developed on the rooftop of 2 existing commercial buildings.These rooftop apartments have been designed as a lightweight metal clad attic pavilion set back from the parapets of the existing buildings. In order to clearly separate the residential and commercial components of the development a residential address has been created on Kings Lane utilising the existing Oxford Foundry building.The original façade and part of the side walls have been retained and refurbished to create a residential lobby with the ambience of a small boutique hotel.

    From the lobby a lift gives access to a generous access corridor on level 4.This corridor is naturally lit by way of full height glazed walls at its east and west ends and by a glazed link bridge at its centre spanning over the atrium café below.

    All of the apartments are 2 storeys in height with the upper level crossing over the top of the corridor to permit natural cross ventilation.There are 4 large 3 bedroom plus study apartments (approximately 200m2 internally) on top of the western building and 4 generous 2 bedroom plus study apartments (approximately 144m2 internally) on top of the eastern building.All living areas face north, with the three bedroom apartments having a double height volume, permitting maximum penetration of winter sunlight and significant views of the city skyline. Large north facing courtyards open off these living spaces.These courtyards are able to be shaded by way of adjustable aluminium louvred pergola roofs and screened from adjoining courtyards by translucent white glass walls.The western apartment has a roof terrace which wraps around 3 sides, as does its glazed walls, providing spectacular views of the city.The glass walls are screened and shaded for privacy and sun control by motorised adjustable aluminium louvres.

    The apartments have been planned with a centralised service pod containing kitchen, bathrooms, laundry and storage. Stairs and corridors either side of these pods act as breezeways to allow natural cross ventilation through the apartment. Natural light filters into the upper level of these pods by way of large skylights over the bathrooms and stair. On the eastern end of the apartments is an area of communal open space incorporating a 25m lap pool, raised timber deck and landscaping.

    Photographer: Ross Honeysett

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