• MACKENZIE HOUSE Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia | 2012 -

    This project is in two parts, the restoration of a one bedroom house (No. 30 Adelaide Street) designed by Ian Moore in 1998 and completed in 2001, which had been unsympathetically altered by a previous owner.The second part is the addition and alteration of the neighbouring Victorian terrace house (No. 32 Adelaide Street), to form a unified 3 bedroom house.

    A rooftop bedroom has been removed from No. 30 to reinstate the original louvred roof terrace and numerous internal alterations have been reversed.The rear of No. 32 is to be totally demolished while the original Victorian facade and front two rooms are to be retained.The rear is to be re-built using bricks recycled from the demolition, around a new steel portal frame structure, incorporating large sliding glass doors on the lower level and glass louvre windows with external aluminium louvre sun shading on the upper level, identical to that of No. 30.

    The front portion of the roof of No. 32 is to be retained but the ceiling removed to insert a north facing clerestorey window above new wardrobes.The new rear extension incorporates a similar monopitch skillion roof, allowing both bedrooms to receive full winter sunlight and natural cross ventilation.

    The two houses are to be linked by a double storey glass bridge, spanning the existing pond, with the glazing allowing the view of the pond and original side wall of No. 32 to be maintained.The bridge at the upper level allows for all bedrooms to utilise the existing stair of No. 30.

    While united, the two houses maintain their own independent identities, No. 30 with it’s 1.2 metre modular fibre cement sheet clad cubic form and No. 32 with it’s brick facades and corrugated steel roofing.

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