• THONET SHOWROOM Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia | 2002 - 2003

    This commercial space forms part of Ian Moore Architects Barcom Avenue Apartments residential development, completed in 2002.The long narrow space was originally conceived as an art gallery.Thonet shared this vision in retaining the strength of the linear space, recognizing the potential of the shop front framing a leafy view of the street.

    Very little intervention was required to create the showroom.The majority of work was installing kitchen and bathroom amenities to pre-determined areas in the back-of-house.A new suspended ceiling and new flooring, together with paint finishes to the walls were the only elements required to define the shell of the showroom.The floor and ceiling were colour matched to express two strong horizontal planes through the space.

    The floor plan is divided into 3 zones with the use of simple joinery elements.

    The entry is dominated by a shop front display plinth and marked by a change of floor covering to provide a more durable entry surface whilst the suspended ceiling also stops at this line.

    The administration area is defined and separated from the display area by a freestanding bookshelf – saturated in signature Thonet orange.This element also functions as the backdrop to the service desk.

    The furniture display area was conceived as a simple gallery space where the classic Thonet chairs could be displayed on four 3 metre long knee-high mobile plinths.Track lighting was used, running the entire length of the showroom, providing maximum flexibility and defining a services/circulation path through the showroom.

    Photographer: Ross Honeysett

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